DIY Atrazine test kit

Reagents required:
  • Anti-atrazine antibody
  • Antibody coupling kit
  • Atrazine-HRP conjugate: Calbio reagents cat # C029 ($300/0.5ml or $550/1ml)
  • Colorimetric solution: hydrogen peroxide and 3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbenzidine in an organic base
  • Stop solution: dilute acid

Commercial Atrazine test kits

(# 500001)
 Atrazine ELISA Kit
 - Rabbit anti-atrazine paramagnetic particles
 $380 for 100 tests
 Strategic Diagnostics Inc. (SDI) Atrazine RaPID Assay® kit

- Rabbit anti-atrazine magnetic beads
 request for quote out
 Beacon Analytical
  Atrazine Tube Kit

- Rabbit anti-atrazine coated tubes
 $220 for 40 tests
(# 2762700)
 Atrazine Immunoassay Reagent Set

- Anti-atrazine coated cuvettes
  $234 for 18 tests
DIY Magnetic Separator Rack
Started the design for a cheap, open source, magnetic separation rack for cuvettes. The first prototype (designed in freeCAD) has 6 slots for cuvettes and space for mounting 6 circular magnets. See FreeCAD images below. 
We cut and assembled the first prototype and are waiting for the magnets to arrive. Next step will be testing with some magnetic beads !