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Beerometer prototype v2.0

Prototype 2.0 has/will have the following new features:

All of the hardware used in the current 2.0 version is the same as the colorimeter with the following two modifications:
  • LED board: Replace the RGB board with a custom board 
  • Bandpass filter: Includes an acrylic filter holder with a 430nm bandpass filter
  • Custom software for reporting beer color and turbidity
  • Beer color (SRM) is calculated from Abs(430nm)*12.7
  • Turbidity determined as follows:
    • If absorbance at 700nm is less than or equal to 0.0039*Abs(430nm), sample is free of turbidity
    • If absorbance at 700nm is greater than 0.0039*Abs(430nm), sample is turbid and should be filtered or centrifuged and re-measured for a more accurate beer color reading