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Current project status

As of October 2013, we are currently working with the protoype verson 2.0. Original notes and data from the v1.0 device have been archived. 

  • With prototype v1.0 we already carried out some very promising beer color measurements using a 430nm LED and bandpass filter. Results are very comparable to spectrophotometer data;
  • Since then we have designed and assembled a new beerometer LED board. This is the colorimeter PCB (LED version C) with the 430nm LED and a 700nm LED;
  • Have made a new filter holder for the Cheshire Optics 430nm bandpass filter. Made from laser cut acrylic. Fits very snugly;
Upcoming development tasks:
  • Modify colorimeter PC software for measuring absorbance from two custom LEDs;
  • Once this is working, test the beerometer LED board with a couple of beer samples and compare again to the spectrophotometer;
  • Write custom beerometer software which will report the SRM value and turbidity as yes/no response;
  • Investigate other turbidity measurements (version 3.0)
  • Look into switching to surface mount LED components